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Zespół chemii porfiryn i metaloporfiryn

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Research Interests

Professor Latos-Grażyński's involvement in porphyrin chemistry stems from his interest in the NMR of paramagnetic systems. Thus much of his research has been devoted to the electronic structure and reactivity of paramagnetic metalloporphyrins, especially hemes. He has investigated model systems for heme enzymes, heme degradation, activation of dioxygen by metalloporphyrins, reactivity of metalloporphyrin pi-radicals, and properties of unusually oxidized systems, e.g. containing Ni(I).

Exploration of the effect exerted on the porphyrin complexes by systematic modification of the ligand, whether by peripheral substitution or replacement of the core atoms, initiated a search for new porphyrinic macrocycles. It was during that search that the so-called inverted or N-confused porphyrin was serendipitously discovered (first reported in 1994). The unsuspected richness of its coordination chemistry was soon revealed encouraging a systematic research into the ligating properties of other carbaporphyrinoids.

Currently the attention of professor Latos-Grażyński and his group is focused on the synthesis of novel porphyrinoids that have at least one of the regular pyrroles replaced by a carbo- or heterocyclic moiety. These new compounds can further be transformed into metal complexes. Of special interest is the nature of organometallic species that can be made from carbaporphyrinoids.