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Zespół chemii porfiryn i metaloporfiryn

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Former members

Over all these years of an active research in pursuing the porphyrin analogues we had and constantly have a privilege of working with outstanding and very enthusiastic individuals. As we would like to give a credit to all of them the list gathered below is, to the best of our knowledge complete. But if you have not found yourself there, please contact Michał Białek.



Name Position occupied Current affiliation
Dr. Janusz Skonieczny Ass. Prof. -2019 NMR lab manager in PORT Wrocław
Dr. Ludmiła Szteremberg Ass. Prof. -2016 None (retired)
Prof. Marcin Stępień Univ. Prof., -2015 Organic Synthesis Group (OSG), University of Wroclaw
Dr. Radomir Myśliborski RA, 2010-2013 R&D Specialist in Selvita S.A.
Dr. Krystyna Rachlewicz Ass. Prof. -2009 None (retired)
Prof. Stanisław Wołowiec Ass. Prof. -1999 Full Prof. at the WSIiZ Rzeszów



Name Position occupied 
Aneta Idec

Ph.D. student 2012-2018
M.Sc. student 2011-2012

Jan Klajn

 Postdoc 2017-2018

 M.Sc. student 2006-2007

Damian Dróżdż
M.Sc. student 2016-2017
Fikrat Badalov
M.Sc. student 2016-2017
Olga Hedrych
M.Sc. student 2015-2016
Xiaofang Li
Visiting Professor 2015-2016
Marcin Małecki
B.Sc. student 2015-2016
Ewelina Janiga
Ph.D. student 2015→OSG
M.Sc. student 2014-2015
Marika Żyła
Ph.D. student 2014-2015OSG
M.Sc. student 2013-2014
Marcin Majewski
Ph.D. student 2013-2015OSG
M.Sc. student 2012-2013
Mateusz Konratowicz
Ph.D. student 2013-2015OSG
M.Sc. student 2012-2013
Elżbieta Gońka
Ph.D. student 2012-2015OSG
M.Sc. student 2011-2012
Damian Myśliwiec
Ph.D. student 2011-2015OSG
M.Sc. student 2009-2011
Antonio Lopez
Erasmus student 2014-2015
David Perez Berrocal
Erasmus student 2014-2015
Muhammad Shamsul Azim Khan
Visiting Scientist 2015
Martin Havlik Visiting Scientist 2015
Monika Wełnic M.Sc. student 2012-2014
Aleksandra Książek M.Sc. student 2011-2013
Tomasz Wójcikowski M.Sc. student 2011-2013
Marlena Uchrońska M.Sc. student 2011-2013
Klaudia Tomczak M.Sc. student 2011-2013
Magdalena Stroka M.Sc. student 2011-2013
Przemysław Nawrot M.Sc. student 2011-2013
Patrycja Malinowska M.Sc. student 2011-2013
Elżbieta Nojman Ph.D. student 2007-2012
M.Sc. student 2006-2007
Irena Simkowa Ph.D. student 2007-2012
M.Sc. student 2006-2007
Katarzyna Libera M.Sc. student 2010-2012
Paweł Dutka M.Sc. student 2010-2012
Michał Szczepaniak M.Sc. student 2009-2011
Katarzyna Kwiecińska M.Sc. student 2009-2011
Małgorzata Duszak M.Sc. student 2009-2011
Karolina Kodź-Wichowska M.Sc. student 2009-2011
Norbert Grzegorzek Ph.D. student 2006-2011
M.Sc. student 2004-2006
Monika Olchówka Ph.D. student 2005-2011
M.Sc. student 2004-2005
Marta Siczek Ph.D. student 2005-2010
M.Sc. student 2004-2005
Dominik Bykowski M.Sc. student 2008-2010
Anna Gmiterek M.Sc. student 2008-2010
Sandra Hojniak M.Sc. student 2008-2010
Marta Popiel M.Sc. student 2008-2010
Anna Młodzianowska Ph.D. student 2004-2009
M.Sc. student 2003-2004
Paulina Pióro M.Sc. student 2008-2009
Ewelina Kaźmierowicz M.Sc. student 2008-2009
Aleksander Czubak M.Sc. student 2007-2008
Bartosz Durlej M.Sc. student 2007-2008
Aneta Gaworek M.Sc. student 2007-2008
Stanisław Maćkowiak M.Sc. student 2007-2008
Filip Ulatowski M.Sc. student 2007-2008
Takaaki Hori Visiting Scientist 2008
Stanisław Krasicki M.Sc. student 2006-2007
Paulina Chwalisz M.Sc. student 2005-2006
Marzena Kocik M.Sc. student 2005-2006
Izabela Kańska M.Sc. student 2004-2005
Zbigniew Powałka M.Sc. student 2004-2005
Michał J. Chmielewski Visiting Scientist 2005
Izabela Szmidt Ph.D. student 1998-2002
Łukasz Gryszkiewicz M.Sc. student 2000-2001
Ilona Szaroszek M.Sc. student 1999-2000
Piotr Herejczak M.Sc. student 1996-1997
Aleksandra Wysłouch M.Sc. student ?????
Andrzej Małek M.Sc. student ?????
Jerzy Lisowski Ph.D. student ????-1991