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M. Pawlicki, A Kędzia et al. conducted investigation of oxatriphyrin(3.1.1) properties. An oxa-analogue of 5,10,15-triarylcorrole, i.e., 5,10,15-triaryl-21,23-dioxacorrole (21,23-O2Cor)H, where two pyrrole rings are replaced by furan moieties, has been produced by condensation of 2,5-bis(arylhydroxymethyl)furan, 2-phenylhydroxymethylfuran, and pyrrole. 

Furan-fused oxatriphyrin(3.1.1) acts as a ligand towards boron(III), phosphorous(III), and phosphorous(V) ions. The coordination abilities are adjusted by changes of the oxidation state.

Further reading

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