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Zespół chemii porfiryn i metaloporfiryn

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At present our team occupies five laboratories of various sizes and six offices. The standard laboratory equipment enables small-scale synthesis and purification of organic, organometallic, and coordination compounds.

The more specialized apparatus includes UV-Vis spectrophotometers (Hewlett-Packard 8453, 2x Varian Cary, Jasco V-770), fluorometer (Jasco FP-8600), two HPLC setups (Hitachi - analytical, Shimadzu - up to semi-preparative), multifunctional electrochemical analyzer (MTM Kraków) potentiostat/galvanostat Autolab PGSTAT100N (Methrom),  glovebox (MBraun), Flash chromatography.

The nature of our investigations makes NMR our main spectroscopic tool. Accordingly, we make ample use of the departmental NMR facility (Bruker AMX 300, Avance 500 and Avance III 600). X-ray, ESR, and low- and high-resolution mass spectrometric measurements are also taken in the central labs of the Department.