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Zespół chemii porfiryn i metaloporfiryn

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Research Areas

Synthesis and coordination chemistry of porphyrin analogs. We focus on carbaporphyrinoids, heteroporphyrins, expanded porphyrins (sapphyrins, "giant" porphyrins), corroles. We are particularly interested in the organometallic chemistry generated in the porphyrinoid core.
Biomimetic chemistry of metalloporphyrins. We investigate iron and other complexes of natural and artificial porphyrins to model certain biochemical processes. The subjects of interest include: action of heme enzymes, heme degradation, dioxygen activation, reactivity of metalloporphyrin pi-radicals, and chemistry of low-valent nickel complexes.
Oligomeric metalloporphyrins. We synthesize supramolecular assemblies of porphyrinoid complexes linked by covalent or coordination bonds.
Nuclear magnetic resonance of paramagnetic systems. In our research of Fe, Ni, Co and other porphyrin and porphyrinoid complexes this method provides unique insight into their electronic structure.
Agents for photodynamic therapy. In collaboration with P. Ziółkowski's group we attempt to use heteroporphyrins as PDT agents for cancer treatment.